Snowboard Wax and the negative space

Seattle-based Ski and Snowboard Wax Lifestyle Brand, Zum Wax, spawned out of passion for snow—think love at first sight—needed a compelling new look in order to compete in an established and saturated market. As a start up Zum Wax had the opportunity to invent itself from the snow up. Zum Wax came to me with a quest to attract a young, outgoing and adventurous demographic by engaging with with them on the slopes and catering to their online habits. We created brand narrative, a new logo, and new package design. We designed the logo to be intriguing, by using a bright set of colors and bold versatile design. At first glance the logo is two brightly colored arrows depicting speed and movement. For the more intrepid viewer and avid Zum Wax user there is a second level of depth by including a Zum Wax branded "Z" in the negative space between the two arrows.