Chameleon Paint G5

Who has two thumbs and has designed the paint layout of a Gulfstream 5? I think its pretty obvious this isn't something that comes up very often. But when I was approached by the founder of Sexy Brand™ to help create the look of a new Charter Jet and new company, I was up for the challenge. After creating a relatively strait forward brand foundation and aviation inspired logo for Sexy Jet™, we set out on the real adventure. We had a Tech Spec reference with a company that was well verse in the actual painting of planes. So all technical questions I bounced off of them. What was even possible? It was decided that the plane would draw inspiration from luxury sports cars. We wanted to create something people haven't never seen before. We used the curves of a sports car to inspire the graphics and we went with a Chameleon Green based paint job, something somewhat popular but still impressive in the luxury sports card world. The plane actually shifts colors as it flies by. Despite the ever changing paint that covers %75 of the plane, we still managed to maintain brand constancy by tying it all back together with the Sexy Jet™ colors of black, red and white, as well as a Sexy Brand™ pattern of hexagonal shapes.