Crystal Sharp Logo and Crystal Clear Waters

What more could you ask for? Samsara is the brain child of a group of successful digital nomads. With the ever growing expansion of high speed internet, the traditional idea of an office space has changed forever. The idea of creating co-working and co-living spaces isn't a new one, but the idea of creating that in a location with a tropical climate a stones throw away from bath water temperature ocean is. Oh, and they have a pool too. Samara is a Sanskrit word that represent the endless cycle of life. We created a logo that incorporated the Zen practice of stacking rocks with the western practice of stacking rocks. In the east stacking rocks is meant to calm the mind. In the west a stack of rocks is how to mark a trail. We decided on the brand philosophy of "Don't follow the path, leave a trail". We left a trail of stylish logo identity and brand foundation.